The RevClaims Difference

We Turn Headaches Into Higher Reimbursement

Hospitals and health systems face many challenges when handling injury and third-party liability claims. Typically, these claims account for 5% or less of overall claims, but if managed well, produce exceptionally high reimbursement rates.

Managing these claims requires a legal and insurance skill-set far different than what’s needed for typical healthcare claims. Most hospital RCM teams don’t have the time or training to file liens or review settlements. This often results in lost revenue and higher accounts receivable days.

RevClaims’ sole focus is on helping our clients maximize injury claim revenue – with no financial risk or compliance worries.

Liability Claims

We’re experts in the early identification of promising claims – and in reaching out to patients to expedite the process.

In addition to being Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims specialists, we’re adept at handling burn claims – which account for an estimated half-million injuries requiring medical treatment each year. RevClaims also handles premises liability claims (slips and falls involving homeowner negligence) and a variety of other injury claims.

RevClaims then tenaciously does the follow-up work: billing appropriate parties, filing statutory liens when needed, and never letting the ball drop until our clients get paid. Our staff attorneys have many years of experience in negotiating with insurance adjusters and other attorneys to maximize our clients’ reimbursement. Our goal is to recover more – and recover it faster – than any other injury claim outsourcer.

Workers’ Compensation

By successfully navigating the WC waters, we help your organization increase revenue and lower AR days.

Workers’ compensation claims often account for less than one percent of a hospital’s total claim volume, so many organizations don’t earmark resources to handle them effectively. No hospital RCM department has the time to stay current with workers’ compensation laws, which vary from state to state. RevClaims reduces our clients’ risk by ensuring timely filing and compliance at every step. And we handle the time-consuming process of dealing with employers and insurance adjusters.

Health Insurance Subrogation

If a health insurer denies or underpays a claim, our legal experts can appeal those decisions to help ensure maximum reimbursement.

Third-party claims can be extremely complex because they often involve at-fault parties and lawsuits. Through subrogation, RevClaims can stand in the place of an injured party to help our clients recover what they’re justly due. This requires painstaking attention to detail. We follow up with the patient concerning all necessary forms and other information required by their health insurers. We then make sure there are minimal delays in the payment process.