Provider FAQ

What’s it like to work with RevClaims – and what are the benefits? Here are some fast answers:

What’s the best way to start a dialogue with RevClaims?

Contact us either by phone or e-mail. We’ll put you in touch with the RevClaims team with the most experience in handling injury claims in your state.

Which benchmarks make us a good candidate for injury claim outsourcing?

If your in-house RCM team isn’t achieving greater than 70 percent average reimbursement of charges on paid accounts – or if your overall third-party liability claims take more than 100 days to recover, you’re an excellent candidate for injury claim outsourcing

If injury claims only represent 4 percent of our total volume, why should we outsource?

Injury claims, if handled properly, get reimbursed at a very high rate (up to 100 percent in many cases). This additional revenue stream can help offset declining reimbursements in other areas due to health reform.

Will RevClaims “take work away” from our in-house revenue cycle team?

No, it helps your team focus on its core responsibilities without the learning curve and headaches of dealing with third-party liability insurers and attorneys.

What are some of the advantages of using RevClaims’ technology platform?

Most in-house injury claims are handled manually. Our technology platform greatly speeds the process and integrates seamlessly with your existing RCM systems.

How can RevClaims attorneys improve our recovery rates in lien states?

In lien states, we’re helping clients achieve 86 percent average reimbursement of charges on paid accounts.

If we have a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) specialist on our team, why would we need to outsource?

MVA claims are only a portion of total injury claim volume. For example, there are 500,000 burn cases requiring healthcare each year. Some of these involve product liability lawsuits – and you need the help of attorneys and injury claim experts to achieve maximum reimbursement.