Patient FAQ

If you have questions that are not noted on this page, please contact our office at (601) 345-8500. We are glad to assist you.

Who is RevClaims and why are you contacting me?

RevClaims is assisting the hospital in gathering information about an accident you were involved in recently. With your help, we will forward your hospital bill to the appropriate insurance company or other liable parties for payment. We are responsible to help you get your hospital bill paid as soon as possible. We are NOT a collection agency. Instead we are an injury claims billing company.

Why did you send me a certified letter and file a lien?

State laws were passed to ensure that hospitals are reimbursed for the medical services provided to you or your family member in the case of accident injuries when insurance or settlements are paid. A hospital lien is filed as a provision of those laws and a copy of the lien is mailed to you via certified mail. The lien is strictly against any insurance or settlement proceeds you might receive associated with the accident. The lien is not against your property or house, just the insurance or settlement proceeds associated with the accident. The lien is not filed on your credit history. If you have an attorney representing you, you should send him/her a copy of the lien.

What happens to the lien if there is no insurance available and there is no settlement?

If you do not receive any money from the liable insurance company or a settlement from the other party involved in the accident, the hospital lien will be released.

What if my hospital bill is more than the liable insurance pays?

Contact our office and speak to one of our representatives. They will ask you questions to understand your individual situation.

Has my account been turned over to a collection agency?

No. RevClaims is not a collections agency. RevClaims assists you in getting the appropriate liable insurance company to pay your medical bills.

I have Medical Payments/PIP (no-fault) coverage. Do I need to give you that information?

Yes. Medical Payments /PIP policies are used to quickly pay some or possibly all of your medical bills, which depends on how much coverage you have and the amount of your medical bills.

Do I need to file a Medical Payments /PIP claim even if I was not at fault?

Yes. Many states require you to exhaust your Medical Payments /PIP policy before you can pursue a claim against another person’s liability policy.

I was working or on the job when my accident occurred. Do I file the claim on workers compensation or my own policy?

Contact our office immediately to discuss your accident with one of our representatives. We will then determine the appropriate insurance company to file the claim.

I have health insurance. Do they pay the claim?

Automobile and/or your liability coverage are typically responsible for the medical bills associated with an accident. Contact one of our representatives and we will discuss your specific situation. Your health insurance is contract between you and your health insurance provider. Each policy is different.

I have Medicare or Medicaid. Will the hospital bill them?

Not necessarily. Because Medicare and Medicaid are government health programs, they require that all other insurances are filed and pursued to pay the bill. They only pay as a last resort, if no other funds are available or exhausted.